Thursday, 7 August 2014

Back Seat Driver


Back Seat Driver
PRICE : RM 45 ( termasuk caj penghantaran Semenanjung Malaysia)

Learn to drive sound light as a steering wheel and horn button, and the kids had fun playing it like driving with my father. Can be attached to the glass in the car to me (super fun).
- The speed of light - the horn button.
- Ask the flashing lights - push button start / stop.
- The brakes - gear knob.
Electrionic Backseat Driver
Can be used free standing or in the back of a car with the addition of the supplied. Shown with accessories for use in the back of a car.

- Realistic Driving
- Sound: Horn, Revving Engine, Gear, Change and Braking.
- Also includes Flashing indicators and Illuminated Speedo.
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